D. 19 Days borrowed away from eternity

I wish I could waste a lifetime of getting carried away to an unknown destination. We were off schedule by a day, and I was most likely going east only to fly back to my starting point. There was nothing more I could see before returning to Labuan Bajo, yet I continued on, just for the sake of moving forward, in great company.

I still have etched on my face the glorious smile of our early morning ride from Denge, back to Ruteng. I had felt a world away from where I had started, as if I had switched to a completely different trip.

So today, we didn’t do anything. We got off a car shooting too fast through the road, in the hand of a careless, dangerous driver. We settled in a medium hotel, and chilled around our cheap, bare rooms, for a highly needed nap. Rian continued on to Ende, but the girls, Magnus and I stopped in Bajawa for the evening.

We took care of our future travelling arrangements, and set out to find a restaurant for dinner, which turned out to prove quite a challenge, since nothing vegetarian seemed to be on the menu in each wahrung we tried.

This day got me thinking about time and value. I had been thinking about the relations between price, cost and value, but time is also valuable, yet highly difficult to praise. What’s the value of a minute? I’ve got plenty on my hands, on a daily basis. But if I’m short one after my boarding time, here goes the price of a plane ticket.

My time in indonesian is very precious. It’s not like I can come back any day, I would need time and money, and I’ve got neither of those things in unlimited quantity. But what would be the point of running to the next sight, rushing to check out boxes on the must-see tour of Florès?

There was plenty to see around Bajawa, but I was in no mood to do anything. Just chilling with my new friends was more than enough to make this day memorable.

This is what I love most about travelling. It’s not the places you go to, or the things you see, it’s the people you meet, the experiences you have, and how it makes you feel.

I never thought myself capable of living out of backpack for more than five days, yet this is already the 19th of my trip. I never thought myself capable to go without hot water, modern showers, or even familiar foods.

I was the kind of person who needed to know beforehand the complete route and schedule of a bus before deciding on a mean of transportation. Was. I like how a slow day like this one makes me realise how much I’ve already changed, so early on in this trip.

Because it is still quite early in this trip. I’m barely getting started.

— Tuesday, July 26th

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