D. 57 You can’t miss what you’ve never left behind

I used to cling on to stuff like talismans against the passing of time. Now that I’ve made my peace with time, I understand how my compulsive collection of random objects to save as « memories » was a waste of space and energy.

You cannot lose nor miss what you’ve never left behind.

I am leaving tomorrow, but I will take with me so much of Bira, so much of this summer that no matter how much time passes by, I’m sure to remember the essential.

Because, how could I forget any of this?

How could I forget that I nearly drowned out of excitement when I spotted the tiny pigmy seahorse that Laura had found, on my very last dive here? Or when I almost forgot to breathe, when we came across one of the most massive turtles I have ever seen, and another one swimming gracefully above and away, while a school of big bumphead parrot fishes passed us by?

There’s no way I could forget that last dive here, not with these massive, unknown fishes that swam right in front to us, to inquire about our presence. We’re still not sure what they were, clearly not tunas nor sharks, even though they shared characteristics with both species. [UPDATE: they were COBIAS omggg]

No way I would forget my first dive here, it was Eagle Rock again, the same site we did this afternoon, again, with Laura. Again, I was scanning the blue, and again, there was too much to see. A gigantic Napoleon Wrass, and especially a school of giant barracudas passed us by.

How could I ever forget the feeling in my chest during our first dive of the day, when my heart skipped a beat as I recognised the unmistakable mouth of a Manta Ray, flying away, a few meters under our fins.

I’ll take a piece of everything, for the rainy days

I’ll take away a piece of everything I love about this place, and store it close to this spot in my heart, where sadness sometimes sinks in. So the next time I’ll be feeling blue, I’ll flood it all with another kind of blue, where I used to fly around magnificent, strange and impressive creatures. All so beautiful and fascinating, that they must belong in my dreams anyway.

I’ll remember the laughters we shared on the boat, the warm tones of Wendy’s australian accent, and the way she called me « Clemo » (and how that nickname stuck the entire summer lol). The way Hannah’s big brown eyes light up when she laughs, the way Laura’s face breaks into a smile, how Charlotte celebrates her most exciting sightings with an enthusiastic « BOOYA! »… And so much more.

I won’t forget all of our smiles, how they shine so much brighter on darker skins. Surti’s laughter across the Rumah Makan, Ismail’s « Hey sister! » and our daily life here, in paradise. All the looks, signs, silences and smiles that made up for our lack of words between English and Bahasa.

I’ll take all of this with me, they’ll get me through the rainy days. Even if sometimes, it rains here too, in paradise; even those days were blessed.

Thank you, the #DreamTeam of Bira Dive Camp, for a summer to remember (entirely spent in my jammies, thus the name of this blog) (see what I did there?!)

I did 44 dives here, seen incredible sights, and I drowned myself many times: into the sky at sunset, through the moon and stars at night, into our laughters, and into pure bliss, every day here, and every night.

Thanks for everything ❤

Until We Meet Again.

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